The statement WYOL or Write Your Own Legacy was created by Cameron Kane-Johnson in 2012 as a 13 year old kid in eighth grade, who was creating his first Instagram account and just wanted to have a cool name. A kid from a small town in Ohio who wanted something bigger and more meaningful from life, so he decided he would apply this statement to everything he did. Fashion was just something he took pride in, but it was not his first love. After a decade long pursuit to play in the NBA, there was a reset in the mind of that same kid who was now 20 years old. He fell in love with designing and now knew why that 13 year old version of himself had thought of such a powerful statement. He was to speak this mindset to the world through wearable art. Kane-Johnson will make sure WYOL is emphasizing the importance of creative freedom, independent dreaming, & universal self love.



Write Your Own Legacy will continue to be built and grow with the mindset of embracing your individuality. But that does not always mean being rebellious to the world. It means to be yourself while understanding that your self will never be the next persons self, and that is okay! WYOL hopes to become the biggest clothing brand in the world, while empowering the new generation and inspiring the next wave of legends! You are now required to Write Your Own Legacy!